A Comprehensive History of India: Ancient India, Medieval India, Modern India (In 3 Volumes)

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This book is primarily meant for the general public and the students, who desire to understand the history and culture of their country. Though a general work encompassing historical, cultural, economic, political and administrative features, the book is none the less authentic and authoritative. A Comprehensive History of India is the product of a joint venture undertaken by a group of historians who do not go by conformist views but by critical, objective and analytical assessment of events and developments in accordance with the methodical discipline of scientific research.


B.N. Puri, D. Phil (Oxon), was Professor Emeritus, University of Lucknow. He has published about thirty works on Indian History and culture. Professor Puri was associated with the UNESCO sponsored project on Central Asia. A specialist in ancient Indian History, his works on Kanishka and Central Asia are regarded as most authoritative.


Born in 1926, M.N. Das obtained M.A. Degree from Allahabad University, Ph.D. from London University, and, D.Litt. from Utkal University. He served as a Professor of History for two decades and retired as the Vice-Chancellor of Utkal in 1985. Besides awards, he received several academic assignments in different countries during his long career of 37 years as a teacher in history. Two of his books were published in U.K. and one in U.S.A., and a number of them in India. He also compiled the third volume of the Centenary History of the Indian National congress (1935-1947), released in 1985. Das requested Earl Mountbatten in 1976 to release his files of Indian Viceroyalty, since 30 years had passed after Indian independence and under the British Archival Rules, all Papers in his possession were no longer his personal property, but Archival Property of the Country. Soon after Mountbatten’s untimely death, his son-in-law, Lord Brabourne, gave a special permission to Das to consult confidential files and other collections of the last British Viceroy of India. Das became the first Indian scholar to utilize that privilege.


Dr. P.N. Chopra is one of India's best known historians. Currently, Chief Editor of the Collected Works of Sardar Patel, he was formerly Chief Editor of the Gazetteers in the Ministry of Education, as well as the Chief Editor of Cultural Forum, a journal brought out by the Ministry of Education and Culture, Government of India. He was also Chief Editor of Towards Freedom project of the Indian Council of Historical Research. In addition, he has written and edited more than forty authoritative works on Indian history and culture. These include History of South India, Quit India Movement of 1942, India - An Encyclopaedic Survey, A Century of Indian National Congress, A Nation Flowed Lessons from Indian History and biographies of Maulana Azad and Sardar Patel. Dr. Chopra has lectured abroad in various universities in Japan and Usa.


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A Comprehensive History of India: Ancient India, Medieval India, Modern India (In 3 Volumes)
1st ed.
x+278p., x+286p., xiv+394p., Figures; Maps; Bibliography; Index; 23cm.