A Critical Handbook of English Poetry

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English poetry has seen variety of literary movements from the middle ages to 20 century through renaissance poetry, Elizabethan poetry, court poetry, classicism, metaphysical poetry, cavalier poetry, romantic poetry, Victorian poetry, Georgian poetry and comic verse. The last three decades of the 20 century saw a number of short-lived poetic groupings such as the Martians, along with a general trend towards what has been termed ‘Poeclectics’, namely an intensification within individual poets’ oeuvres of "all kinds of style, subject, voice, register and form". The idea behind this book is not to examine the growth of English poetry but to enlighten the student about the critical elements which make a poetic expression possible. The publication relates to the critical study of the poetry in the literature from its inception through all popular movements and is prepared as a complete reference manual for the student of today who wishes to brace himself up. Besides this, the book also teaches basics of the poetry where the student reads about aesthetics, form, imagination and inspiration, feelings, rhyme and metre. Notes and illustrations for classroom towards the end are to help the teacher, though not written in an instructional form but will be of immense benefit to promote the understanding of poetry in the student of literature.


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A Critical Handbook of English Poetry
1st ed.