Cleanth Brooks Theory and Practice

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Cleanth Brooks stands with a few outstanding critics who incessantly made efforts to determine some valid standards to judge literature. His practical criticism of poetry, drama and fiction set trends for ‘close readings’ of literary texts in the class-room in the first half of 20th century. His early alliance with new critics and his over-emphasis on reading literature as literature raised serious objections to his theory and practice. he was charged of piheon-holing the literature to its formal qualities and cutting off its relation from history, society and morality. The present book explores Brooks’s position as a theorist and practical critic by explaining his basic tenets of criticism and evaluating his worth as a practical critic, comparing his readings with biographical, social and Marxist approaches. It also examines the charges leveled on Brooks’s approach and reveals how in successive critical books, Brooks has assimilated social cultural and religious concerns in his primarily literary analysis of literature.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR Sudheer Chandra Hajela

Sudheer Chandra Hajela, b. 1965, completed his graduation and post-graduation from Sri Chitra Gupta P.G. College, Mainpuri (U.P.) in 1983 and 1985 respectively. He worked as guest Lecturer in dept of English at Sri Chitra Gupta P.G. College for a few months before serving as Lecturer in English ay D.B. Degree College, bachhrawan, Raebareli from, 1986 to 1994. He was awarded his Ph.D. Degree on cleanth Brooks in 1992 from university of Lucknow. The work was completed under the able guidance of Prof. M.S. Kushwaha, dept of English, university of Lucknow. Presently he is reader in the dept of English, JNPG College, Lucknow. Presently he is reader in the dept of English, JNPG College, Lucknow. His research articles have appeared in leading journals of the country. Keenly interested in literary theory and criticism, he edits a biannual research Journal, Dialogue: A Journal devoted to Literary Appreciation.


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Cleanth Brooks Theory and Practice
1st ed.
xvi+170p., References; Bibliography; Index; 23cm.