Dipmeter: Surveys in Petroleum Exploration

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This book ‘Dipmeter Surveys in Petroleum Exploration’ giving all the required backup of the other allied subjects for easy and meaningful interpretations of the Dipmeters data, so that drilling of dry wells is avoided to maximum possible extent and new discoveries made, enhancing the oil resource of the country.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR Madhusudan Patil

Dr. Madhusudan Patil holds a Ph.D degree in Geology from Nagpur University and post-graduates Diploma in “Arial Photo-Interpretation as applied to Geology” from Indian Institute of Arial Photo-Interpritation, Survey of India, Dehradun. He has varied experience in the field of “Petroleum Exploration” and teaching. He worked in various capacities in ONGCL, Deharadun (India) and as “Inginieur Geologue” in Sector “Erg Oriental” of “SONATRACH” Oil Company of Algeria for two years. Apart from this, he worked as consulting “Petroleum Exploration Geologist” to various oil companies operating particularly in Gujrat State of India. He worked extensively on interpretation of Arial photographs and Dipmeters. This book is a result of his practical experience in the Dipmeter interpretation which he did in most of the Companies/Orgnisations he worked.


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Dipmeter: Surveys in Petroleum Exploration
1st. ed.