Fragrance of Padams: Pada Parimalam

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ABOUT THE AUTHOR Pappu Venugopala Rao

Dr. Pappu Venugopala Rao has three Masters - Telugu, English and Sanskrit Literatures, a Doctoral degree in Sanskrit and Telugu and an All India Gold medal in Business Management.  Authored about 15 books, more than hundred research papers on Religion, Philosophy, Music and Dance.  His English translation of a classical Telugu poem, 'Dasarathy Satakam' published by the PS Telugu University, Hyderabad.  His book "Flowers at His Feet - An insight into Annamacharya's compositions" won many awards.  He won the Best Paper Awards several times at The Music Academy for Lecture Demonstrations on Music.  Won the award for the Best Lecture Demonstration of Kuchipudi Dance at Sri Krishna Gana Sabha.  More than 15 audio cassettes, CDs and discs of his composition made with stalwarts like Dr. Balamurali Krishna, Sangita Kalanidhi Sri Nedunuri Krishna Murthy and others.  Written compositions for dancers, musicians and even movies.  Written script for the world’s first animated Ramayana CD.  His Dance Dramas written mostly in Sanskrit are extremely well received and performed all over the world.  Awards and titles received: "Kalavipanchi", "Sangeetha Saastra Visaarada", "Sangeeta Saastra Siromani", "Ashtavadhaana Sekhara" etc.  Expert committee member of The Music Academy, Chennai; Reviews for 'The Hindu'. Contributing Editor for the dance and music monthly 'Sruti'.  He is presently the Associate Director General (Programs) of the American Institute of Indian Studies, Chennai.


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Fragrance of Padams: Pada Parimalam
1st. ed.
xl+356p., B/W; Colour Illustrations; 26cm. + 1 DVD (4 3/4 in)