Heal Yourself with Homeopathy

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This book has been written for the benefit of all those who have little or no knowledge of homeopathy but desire to know about it and also those who are interested to know more and for those who need an easy reference book. This book meets all these requirements. Loaded with recent homeopathic system of treatment such as mother tinctures, single medicines and combinations on their merit of treatment, this book has practical utility and would benefit all types of readers. Two or more combinations for the same ailment have been prescribed and any of these will relieve the patient from the ailment. This additional feature has made the book more practical and useful. It is hoped that Heal Yourself with Homoeopathy would serve the cause of suffering of the people for whom it has been written.


Dr. M.B.L. Saxena, M.Sc., Ph.D. is a retired Agricultural Scientist of repute. He worked as Head of Project and retired as Principal Scientist from Central Arid Zone Research Institute, Jodhpur, Researches conducted by him have resulted into the development of improved varieties of medicinal plants. Dr. M.B.L. Saxena holds diploma, DHMB (Gold Medallist) and RMP in Homoeopathy and has deep knowledge in Biochemic system of medicine. He has been practicing Homoeopathy and Biochemic system of treatment even during his period of service. After his retirement, he is totally devoted to these two fields. His classic system of treatment has earned him high acclaim and accolades from the public. To disseminate his experience in healing and popularizing homoeopathic treatment, he has written a number of books and the present volume is an outcome of this. Some of the books include Self-help Homoeopathic Remedies, Shishu Evam Bal Rog Chikitsa, and Homoeopathy Chikitsa. The author has contributed articles on homoeopathy at national and international homoeopathic congresses and seminars. Dr. M.B.L. Saxena is an associate life member of Asian Homoeopathic League, New Delhi and international Homoeopathic Medical Foundation, Kolkata. He has been honoured by Jodhpur Homoeopathic Association for his services to Homoeopathy; awarded Gold Medal on the occasion of International Seminar on World Peace, for his health and healing services by Indian Board of Education and Research in association with two other organizations.


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Heal Yourself with Homeopathy
1st ed.
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