Homeopathy: A Complete Family Health Guide

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Homoeopathy-so safe, natural. Humane and effective that its popularity is growing by leaps and bounds. Moreover homoeopathic medicine is free from unnecessary side effects and widely available. Homoeopathy is a holistic form of medicine. In treating an illness, it takes into account the unique mental and physical traits of the individual concerned. In this system of medicine the remedy is chosen to match the symptoms so closely as possible, so that each person might be given a different remedy. Homoeopathic remedies work by helping the body’s defence system to help itself. Obviously, anything that prevents the body functioning properly, for example a poor diet, lack of exercise, destructive emotions or environmental stresses, gives remedies an uphill struggle and requires attention. Although homoeopathy works very quickly in common, everyday complaints, it is not a treatment for those in search of an instant cure. It requires careful self observation and the will power to stick to a plan of action. The reward for this is a greater sense of well being, energy and resistance to disease. This book Homoeopathy A Complete Family Health Guide gives awareness how to approach a disease and what can we do before approaching a physician. This book helps readers to analyze their medical problems, gain perspective on them, and make appropriate decisions how to proceed. Also this book has been written in a simple and lucid style, easy to understand even a layman. In this book remedy, dose and repetition of dose should be given corresponding to symptoms. As a routine two days prescription is given. After close observation, depending upon the condition of the patient the medicine can be repeated or stopped. The foundation of this book is based on Kent repertory: Here the various sections starts with mind and ends with generalities The rest of the sections are based on anatomical divisions followed by function and discharges. This book is designed in two volumes The first volume contains twenty-two sections from mind to female genital system. It covers more than 1000 diseases, their symptoms and management. This book is useful not only to the readers but also to the practitioners and those who are interested in holistic medicine.


Dr. K.S. Gopi is Asst. Professor in the Department of Pharmacy, Govt. Homoeopathic Medical College, Kozhikode, Kerala.  He is teaching pharmacognosy to undergraduate students since 1983.  He is author of A Text book of Homoeopathic Pharmacy.


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Homeopathy: A Complete Family Health Guide
1st ed.
xxxvi+841p, Illustrated; Bibliography; Glossary; Index; 26cm.