How to Control Anger

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This book makes a sincere attempt in exploring scientifically various dimensions of anger and suggests various measures both short and long term to control it, keeping in view the physiological as well as the psychological factors that are associated with anger. One who reads it, will surely be able to learn how to control anger and benefit from it. Some Highlights: Direct and indirect causes of Anger; Manifestation of anger– bottling-up of emotion, scolding others, irritable behaviour; Control of anger through Yoga and exercises; Self Introspection, Constructive Anger, Avoiding anger-provoking situations.


The author of this book, Shri M.K.Gupta, though an engineer by profession, he has also studied and practiced yoga extensively. Yoga has his interest right from childhood. Even when he was doing his engineering from University of Roorkee, he kept his interest as a hobby along with his eng. Education and obtained many certificates of appreciation. He has attended many yoga camps, visited many yoga centers, interacted with many yoga experts and has made in-depth scientific studies about the effect of yogic exercises in the treatment of various ailments: Being an engineer himself, his approach is very scientific and methodical and this makes his book quite distinct and unique from other books on the subject available in the market. In the present book also, he has tried to touch all the aspects related to cervical pain and backache explaining briefly the significance of each type of exercises scientifically before illustrating them so that the reader can properly appreciate as to what and why he is doing and his interest may remain alive during the performances of exercises. The author has also written many other books on physical and mental health which can be referred to by the readers to broaden their overall concept on health.


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How to Control Anger
1st ed.