Human Development

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The Western concept of Human Development revolves around the material aspects such as income and education. This may not lead to happiness, which comes from exhaustion of one’s desires by introspection along with fulfillment. Material development becomes a trap in absence of such introspection. Expansion of choice is liberating only if it is in the direction of one’s inner desires. The varna system was designed to help individuals in fulfilling their different desires. People were classified according to their desires and encouraged to pursue those occupations that would help them fulfill their inner desires.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR Bharat Jhunjhunwala

Bharat Jhunjhunwala was born in family having interests in sugar, paper and electronic industries. He acquired his Doctoral Degree in economics from University of Florida at the age of 23. He joined Institute of Management, Bangalore as an Assistant Professor. While teaching he lived in a slum for two years to understand the meaning of poverty directly. He organized the trade union at IIM during the Emergency. He has undertaken extensive studies of economic Thought of ancient India. His published books include Varna Vyavastha: Governance through Caste System, Welfare State and Globalization: A Critique of Amartya Sen and Governance and Human Rights (edited) and Indian approach to Women’s Empowerment. He writes on weekly column on Political economy which is published in about 40 papers in ten languages in India.


Ritendra Krishna Bhattacharya did M.Tech. in Radio Physics and Electronics in 1968 from Calcutta University. He is a specialist in bio-medical engineering. He was involved in Academic Activities in Calcutta University, Jadavpur University and Bengal Engineering College. He is serving Vivekanand Nidhi (The Institute of Value Orientation and Environmental Education) as Trustee and General Secretary. He is a member of Board of Governors and Honorary Faculry of National Institute of Human Development. He is engaged in research on Values and Ecological Ethics. He is presently working on a project on Creating and Managing a Sustainable Community.


Virendra Kumara Shrivastava obtained his M.A. Degree in Geography from Saugor University and Ph.D. from Gorakhpur University. He has been Commonwealth Post Doctoral Fellow, London; Prof. & Head Geography, Department, Gorakhpur University, Visiting Professor Dr. H.S. Gour University; Emeritus Fellow, Population Research Centre, Sagar; Member IGU Commission; and Chairman International Geographical Union Commission. He has edited and written ten research monographs, organized many conferences in India and abroad, published 58 research papers. He was the Founder Editor of Indian Journal of Marketing Geography, Founder Secretary of Uttar Bharat Bhoogol Parishad, Editor of Uttar Bharat Bhoogo Patarika. He has written over a dozen text books.


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