Manual of Islam: Islamic Shariat on Society

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Islam has its own social laws and code of conduct for an ideal society, under its banner. This work discusses the formation and functioning of an ideal Islamic society, which is relevant even in modern times. This book will be highly useful for scholars, researchers, students and all those who are interested to know about Islam. In the long run it will help its readers to see Islam in a new light with well referenced reliable information.


Dr. M.H. Syed, an academic and scholar in his own right, is basically a political scientist. He has further diversified his interests into research and serious studies in subjects like History, International Relations, Human Rights etc. An M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D. in Political Science, M.A. in English Literature, diploma in International Relations and Diploma in Journalism. He began his career as a feature writer in All India Radio and Press Information Bureau. Later, he was associated with United News of India and Times of India. He has also edited several periodicals and penned dozens of articles for esteemed dailies and weeklies., apart from participating in various seminars and symposia. As an author, he has several books to his credit, in addition to dozens edited by him for reputed publishers. An established name in literary circles, Dr. Syed is totally devoted to research and writing.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR Maulana Mohammad Razi Khan Afridi

Maulana Mohammad Razi Khan Afridi, an academic and scholar in his own right, is basically a theologian. A senior member of teaching faculty, he has been on foreign tours, especially, Middle East, as a keen observer of Islamic movements, the world over. He is regarded as a think-tank, a liberal-minded, a farsighted and a quick-witted personality in the academic circles of Aligarh Mslim University. An M.A., M.Th. in theology (Islamic religious studies) he is well-versed in Arabic, English, Persian, Urdu and Hindi. He started his career as a bright student at Rampur. Later on, he joined A.M.U. and devoted himself wholeheartedly in the search of knowledge tirelessly and enthusiastically. He has attended a number of seminars, symposia, academic get-togethers and has won big hands in and outside India on many occasions.


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Manual of Islam: Islamic Shariat on Society
viii+378p., 24cm.