Ornamental Trees of India

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Ornamental trees are extensively used for beautifivation of parks, gardens, avenues besides development of green belt and urban green space. This book contains scientific and oractival information (in 6 chapters) on various aspects of ornamental trees viz. evolution and history, social and religious connection, status and legal aspects, migration, identification and carbon dating besides nursery and plantation technique, care and maintenance. Moreover, useful growing tips and landscape use have also been provided. Descriptors of 300 ornamental trees (vernacular and botanical names, morphological and floral characters) have been provided in a scientific manner along with 334 coloured images. Over and above, garden enthusiasts and landscape professionals will find a comprehensive list of 850 ornamental trees useful for landscaping purpose.

At present there is no book published in the recent years on ornamental trees of India containing this kind of useful information. As a whole, this book will serve as a handbook on ornamental trees. Students of horticulture, especially floriculture and landscaping including Ph.D. scholars will consult this as special reference book connected with their course curriculum. Nevertheless, professional horticulturists, landscape architects and amateurs garden lovers will find this book equally useful.


R.K. Rao, belonging to Osmania University, Hyderabad. He had a brilliant academic career, winning honours and awards in INdia and abroad. Rao is the author of numerous scientic papers published in reputed Indian as well as foreign periodicals. For the past 16 years he has been writing on curriculum development and its alllied issues. As an academician his contribution in educational field is well praised.


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Ornamental Trees of India
1st. ed.
xxvi+452p., Illustrations; Colour; Maps; 25cm.