Resurgent Asia in the 21st Century

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The continent of Asia is the largest of continents and houses 60% of the world’s population. Geographically, topographically, culturally, religiously, the continent’s diverse characteristics present it as a unique specimen. Within her indigenous modernity lies her uniqueness, sharply divergent from her contemporaries. Countries of south, southeast, west, east and central Asia have passed through periods of change in their long undulating history. The basic theme of this book rotates around different countries in the Asian Block framing foreign policies, diplomatic relations and enacting diverse strategies in the game of International Politics with the distinctive purpose to win over the others and also the role played by the regional and extra-regional big powers. Inspite of the threats the countries are facing in the context of borders, ethnic unrest, environmental degradation, processes of democratization, human rights, the countries of south, southeast and east Asia are showing remarkable growth and development. The usage of 21st century as Asian century best suits, when we take into consideration the overall development in the regions of south, southeast and east Asia. From the perspective of international relations, the purpose of the book is to make the readers aware of the current scenario of Asian countries and the diverse games played differently by the Asian countries on socio-economic, ecological, religious, diplomatic and other issues. The book targets academicians, researchers in politics, international relations, strategic studies, geopolitics and public administration, policy makers, and general readers.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR Debamitra Mitra

Debamitra Mitra has done her M Phil and PhD in International Relations and Modern History from Jadavpur University and Calcutta University respectively. She has experience in academics (teaching and research) and media (print and audio-visual) for more than 14 years. She is currently working as Faculty Member at Icfai Business School Research Centre, Kolkata. Prior to joining Icfai, she taught international relations, political science, social work, sociology, environmental studies, international law and feminism at St. Xavier's College, Lady Brabourne College and Rabindra Bharati University, Kolkata. She also worked for The Times of India, Kolkata, where she headed the editorial team of Art and Edit Cell (Eastern India). She also worked in Pailan Group of Educational Institutes, Kolkata as Director-Academics for a brief period. She has published many articles on international relations and social issues in various academic journals and presented many papers in different seminars. She authored a book 'End of Communist Rule in East Europe, Poland: A Case Study' published by Minerva Associates Pvt. Ltd., and co-authored a book 'Environmental Science' in two volumes published by New Central Book Agency (P) Ltd., Books and Allied (P) Ltd., Kolkata. Two of her edited books on 'Wetland Conservation and Ecotourism: South Asian Perspective' and 'Sociology in Practice: An Introduction' published by Icfai University Press are released in November 2007.


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Resurgent Asia in the 21st Century
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