Sukti Sudha: The Elixir of Adages

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Quotes heal, seal and help people express what they feel. Sanskrit, being a hoary language, its literature is replete with sayings for every season and reason.
Sukti-Sudha – The Elixir of Adages is a compilation of Sanskrit proverbs culled from Sanskrit literature and its folklore giving a mention of their sources as well as their translation. While genuine care has been taken to be faithful to the original expression, there have been times when we have given precendence to the spirit over the letter!
It is with immense humility and gratification that we offer Sukti-Sudha unto Pujya Guruji Swami Tejomayanandaji, Head of the worldwide Chinmaya Mission, as his 60th Birthday Gift – an apt gift we thought since his usage of language is concise. precise and wise, indeed very much like these Suktis here.
Caught in the rat-race of today's hustle-bustle, the modern man has little time for poems, prayers and parables to bolster his views. This is where adages or proverbs come in handy for everyone. Whether it is the soldier freezing on an inclement glacier, a CEO addressing a boardroom meeting, a lover loading his epistle with romantic overtones, a student debating on a podium, a preacher delivering a landmark sermon or a politician addressing a rally, they take recourse to pithy sayings to pack their messages with punch. How often has a timely and apt quote not uplifted a pathetic person, saved a relationship, nay, altered destinies and histories round the world!
This book is an English translation of more than 3000 Sanskrit adages, culled from traditional sources and everyday wisdom, arranged under topical heads in alphabetical order. The illustrations and ease an charm to the book. A must for all students of Sanskrit language and an ideal reference book and your one point source for Sanskrit quotations in embellish your talks, speeches and writings. As you traverse through the rocks, rivers and rubble of life, may the adages console, counsel and comfort you.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR A Ramaswamy Iyengar

A renowned and acclaimed scholar of Sanskrit and Indology, Dr. Iyengar renders his honorary services to various oriental research institutes all over India. To name a few, All India Oriental Conference, Pune, Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute, Pune and Kuppuswamy Research Insititute, Chennai. He has been the member of vaious committees and bodies across many years for the development of Sanskrit studies.Some of these are: The UGC Curriculum Development Committee: New Education Policy in Sanskrit(1996), NCERT National Steering Committee for Sanskrit (1999), National Steering Committee, MHRD and other national governing bodies of Sanskrit Studies.Dr. Iyengar was associated with the Deccan College Post Graduate Institute’s Sanskrit Dictionary Project on Historical Principles and worked at the centre of Advanced Study in Sanskrit, Pune. Before his appointment as Director at CIF in 1997, he was the Principal of the famous R.V. College at Bangalore. Dr. Iyengar has also authored many books and articles on various subjects of Sanskrit Studies.


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