Teaching of Geography

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Geography is a favourside subject of many teachers and students. With the charges of time many new facts and curriculum are added to it. The style of teachers, the topics and many other aspects of teaching all are changed. This book explores all the new styles of teaching, many new subject materials and curriculum development in geography. This book simplifies many new and complicated issued of geography. This book is divided into two parts. The part one is preliminary lessons on a few common things; it has twenty six chapters. The part two is land and water; it has thirty two chapters.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR Veena Pani Pandey

Veena Pani Pandey is an educationist, educational Philosopher, erudite scholars and a loving wife and caring mother rolled into one. She obtained her M.A. degree in Political in Gorakhpur. Besides being a full-time teacher, she devotes her spare time in social work, women’s activities, and painting and poetry writing.


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Teaching of Geography
1st ed.
viii+320p., Figures; 23cm.