The Brhajjatakam of Varaha Mihira

Parimal Sanskrit Series

Book: 138

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The volume is concerned with the Brhajjatakam (sixth century AD) by Varaha Mihira who is regarded as unparalleled in his knowledge of astronomy and geography in ancient India. The work is considered as one of the most authoritative treatises on the science of Hindu horoscopy. The present edition includes the Sanskrit text of Brhajjatakam along with an English translation which is supported with various examples and notes. There is an index of verses at the end for ready reference. It presents the elaborate subject matter of the Brhajjatakam, with 28 chapters dealing with the zodiacal signs, birth matters and death, dashas and antardashas, avocation, rajayogas, the planets in the twelve house or bhavas, lost horoscopes and other topics. Here, Varaha demonstrates the results of each zodiac sign on the life of a jataka according to the planetary positions in his or her horoscopes.


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The Brhajjatakam of Varaha Mihira
Parimal Sanskrit Series
1st. ed.
xiv+458p., Illustrations; 22cm.