The Historian and her Craft: Collected Essays and Lectures (In 4 Volumes)

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This is a set of four volumes aimed at bringing together the best research by Romila Thapar to showcase her academic contributions to the understanding of history and historiography in India. The four volumes will focus on bringing together all the lectures and papers on an area of her work-historiography, Mauryas and Mauryan India, Social and Cultural Transaction, and Religion and Society. Each volume also includes a detailed interview with the author and a reflection on her work by an expert in the field, who will introduce the essays in that volume.

The introduction to the set by Romila Thapar will explore her academic life and approaches to early Indian history and history writing. It will incorporate a detailed analysis of all the trends and transformations in historical thinking and history writing that have shaped the last six decades of Indian history. The set of volumes would conserve and reflect on the life and work of an eminent historian of India.


Romila Thapar was born in India in 1931 and comes from a Punjabi family, spending her early years in various parts of India. She took her first degree from Punjab University and her doctorate from London University. She was appointed to a Readership at Delhi University and subsequently to the Chair in Ancient Indian History at the Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, where she is now Emeritus Professor in History. Romila Thapar is also an Honorary Fellow of Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford and has been Visiting Professor at Cornell University and the University of Pennsylvania as well as the College de France in Paris. In 1983 she was elected General President of the Indian History Congress and in 1999 a Corresponding Fellow of the British Academy. Among her publications are Ashoka and the Decline of the Mauryas, Ancient Indian Social History: Some Interpretations, From Lineage to State, History and Beyond, Sakuntala: Texts, Readings, Histories and Cultural Pasts: Essays on Indian History as well the children's book Indian Tales.


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The Historian and her Craft: Collected Essays and Lectures (In 4 Volumes)
1st. ed.
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