A Text Book of Gynaecology Streeroga-Vijnan

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This book ‘Stree-roga Vijnan’ deals with female genital tract problems described in Ayurvedic texts and as per the revised CCIM syllabus implemented in 2010. A compact, comprehensive description of female physiology, artava-vyapads, yonivyapads with probable correlation widely accepted by H.O.Ds of Prasuti-tantra and Streeroga of various institutions after discussion is drafted.

An analysis of vandhyarva (both male’ and female infertility) on the basis of yonivyapad, artavavyapad, jataharini and other clinical conditions has been tried forwarding with suitable investigations and a range of treatment modalities including yuktivyapashraya, daivavyapashraya and sthanika chikitsa ete. Kashtartava, Raktapradara and Anartava have been discussed critically including concerned yonivyapads, artava-vyapads and jataharinis with appropriate treatment modalities.

Newly included topic in syllabus the ‘Granthi’ has been described on the basis of initial stages of cell pathology like hyperplasia, hypertrophy and pre-carcinomatous conditions with their investigations and preventive aspects. Different varieties of ‘Arbuda’ associated with female genital pathology have been described with detailed versions of nidana, samprapti, bheda and chikitsa with feasibly suitable corelation.

The surgical procedures introduced in recent revision of CCIM syllabus ‘Myomectomy’ etc. with other topics like ‘Pre-operative care and Post-operative care’ have been described apart from other procedures.

The specific feature of this book is categorization of yonivyapat on the basis of main clinical features i.e yonivyapat related to pain, yonivyapat related to displacement etc.


V.N.K. Usha Born on 19-07-1963 in Vijayawada, A.P., the author has completed her. Graduation from Ananta Lakshmi Government Ayurveda Medical College, Warangal in the year 1985. She worked as faculty member in the govern-meat-aided Mohu Ayurveda College in Rajasthan and later on finished her post graduation from Government - - Ayurveda College, Hyderabad inl 993. She is meritorious, throughout, her career. She served as assistant professor,; professor & P.G., professor in N..K.J. Ayurved Medical College, Bidar from 1.993 to 2002 and has joined the S.D.M. College of Ayurveda, Udupi as P.G. Professor since, then. She is a scholarly teacher, research worker, clinician, and compassionate social worker,- and ..also author of the book 'Neurological Concepts in Ayurveda.', She is. associated with different universities and National Institutions.in Ayurveda as .examiner,'P.G. examiner and presented papers and chaired many, international and .national, conferences and published, Chaukhamba Sanskrit Pratishthan, Delhi.


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A Text Book of Gynaecology Streeroga-Vijnan
1st ed.
692p., 20 Black and White Illustrations; 9 Inch X 6 Inch.