Arms and Armour: The Royal Collection at the Jaipur City Palace

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This lavishly illustrated book brings to us the splendid collection of medieval Arms and Armour at the City Palace Museum in Jaipur. The objects include daggers,swords, lances, khanjar, shields and armour, as well as a range of accoutrements. There is also a section on Children’s Arms. Meticulously researched narratives accompany the elegant photographs, described the details of manufacture, decoration as well as the available, often intriguing history of each weapon. This is the second book in a series on the collections at the Maharaja Sawai Man Singh II Museum in the Jaipur City Palace.

Contents: Foreword by Princes Diya Kumari of Jaipur. 1. Introduction. 1. Daggers. 2. Katars. 3. Swords. 4. Children’s arms. 5. Lances, spears and shields. 6. Armour. 7. Axes, Ankus, Chhadi and maces. 8. Bows and arrows. 9. Accoutrements. 10. Guns and pistols. Map. The rulers of Amber-Jaipur. Endnotes. Glossary. Bibliography. Index.


Robert Elgood has a degree in Islamic History from SOAS and an Anthropology doctorate from Oxford University. He commissioned and edited Islamic Arms and Armour (1979), and is the author of Arms and Armour of Arabia in the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries, (1994) and Firearms of the Islamic World in the Tareq Rajab Museum, Kuwait, (1995) and a number of articles including three for Macmillans’ World Dictionary of Art. He worked for some years for Sotheby’s, is a Fellow of the Royal Anthropological Institute and a member of the Meyrick Society. He is currently completing a book on Balkan arms in the Ottoman period for a Greek Foundation and is cataloguing the collections in Jodhpur and the British Museum where he also lectures.


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Arms and Armour: The Royal Collection at the Jaipur City Palace
1st. ed.
298p., Colour; Photographs