Basics of Digitization

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This book is presented with a motive developing a complete solution for enabling librarians and information professionals to convert print of documents in digital form. If we analyze the recent trend in information profession, we shall find a growing need of creating digital versions of manuscripts, rare books, theses and dissertations etc. available in print form in various libraries and information centres. Most of the professionals are involving themselves in these new tasks without having proper knowledge and expertise of the concept and initiating either by themselves or by outsourcing the whole process. Therefore, it is an appropriate time to provide a complete solution of digital preservation so that the library professionals may not only perform the process of digitization on their own but may also ensure the quality assurance over the technical issues of digital preservation. In this complete text focuses on all possible relevant theory and practice-based issues of digital preservation in the libraries.

Present book has been divided into four chapters. It starts with the digital preservation of library documents and goes on to enlighten the readers on the importance of specific policy for digital preservation in a library or information centre. The first chapter is “Digitization basics”. It comprehensively describes all the technical issues relating to digitization activity. The second chapter is “Digitization tools” which gives information on the specific tools and information technology gadgets required for performing the process of digitization, it provides detailed information on various types of digital cameras and their functionalities and also discusses on the accessories required while using or handling a digital camera. The third chapter is on “Digitization process” and it deals with the complete process of digitization and includes the information on the establishment of digitization laboratory, discusses minor but prominent activities for performing quality digitization processes, digitization standards and copyright issues. Fourth chapter is “Digital file Management system” and it primarily deals with various solutions of the digital file management system like D space, Green stone digital Library, FEDORA etc. It also provides information on the digital curation, web archiving, evolution of digital preservation, security issues of Digital right management etc. Chapter Six is digital file formats which explains the various types of formats of digital files and their suitability for specific type of document or information.


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Basics of Digitization
1st. ed.
137p., Figs.