Beyond Borders: An Anthology of SAARC Poetry

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Poetry, in the SAARC region, occupies a lot of spaces, both private and public. From personal anguish to social protest, from longing to loss and love, from racial ancestral memories to rude ruptures, it covers a very wide and complicated range of experiences, emotions, feelings and insights, amalgamating history, politics and myth. Nurturing itself from the immense resources of tradition while responding deeply to the new challenges, it has been resorting to a wide range of poetic devices, formal strategies and modes of reflection and exploration. Some of the old conventions have been subverted and many fresh approaches discovered to create space for novel and unprecedented experiences and emotions and to enact the new conjunctions and dissonances. In the various languages of the region poetry continues to question the given, to look critically at the establishment and the state, to assert its independence against narrow ideologies, chauvinistic viewpoints, oppressive structures and soulless technologies. This anthology puts together a selection of works from some of the most lively and active poets from SAARC countries who are present in and are shaping the poetic scene at the beginning of a new century.


Ashok Vajpeyi (born 1941) is an eminent Hindi poet, lover of arts and a dynamic institution-maker.  For his poetry he has received the Sahitya Akademi Award, the Dayavati Modi Kavi Shekhar Samman and the Kabir Samman.  He has published more than thirty books in Hindi and English.  Book-length translations of his Hindi poetry have appeared in English, French, Polish besides Bengali, Marathi, Gujarati, Urdu etc.  For his cultural contribution he has been honoured by high civilian awards 'Officier de I'Ordre des Arts et des Lettres' by Govt. of France and 'Krzyzem Oficerskim Ordrnu Zaslugi Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej' by Govt. of Poland.  Among the many institutions he founded the Department of Culture, Govt. of Madhya Pradesh, the multi-arts centre Bharat Bhavan, Bhopal and the central university Mahatma Gandhi International Hindi University are well-known.  A close friend of many artists, writers, musicians and dancers, he has written extensively on many masters including the legendary musician Kumar Gandharva and the painter Sayed Haider Raza.  He lives in New Delhi and, besides poetry, is working on a book in English on Hindustani Classical music and another in Hindi on Kabir anhd Ghalib.


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Beyond Borders: An Anthology of SAARC Poetry
1st Ed.
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