Cataloguing in The New Era: Gazing Through the Bodleian Catalogues to RDA

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Library cataloguing is at a crossroads due to the introduction of the newly developed cataloguing code RDA. Conversion of library catalogues from AACR2 to RDA has become a huge burden for library and information centers. This book brings together almost all the descriptive cataloguing codes of modern era to evaluate RDA, and it suggests alternate ways of implementation the new cataloguing standard if required. A thorough and comparative study of AACR2 and RDA has also been done to compare and contrast the structure and rules of both the codes to highlight the basic differences between the two.

Critical reviews of the descriptive cataloguing codes in terms of dynamics have also been given, making the book distinct from other books on this topic.

Although major emphasis has been given to the intervening /transition period from AACR2 to RDA, the book vividly discusses the significant features of the important cataloguing codes in English language since 1595, to highlight how some important features of these codes have percolated through the cataloguing codes of today’s electronic era. The book illuminates, with modern illustrations, the contributions and relevance of Ranganathan’s Normative Principles of Cataloguing in the design and development of cataloguing of our time, mainly RDA.


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Cataloguing in The New Era: Gazing Through the Bodleian Catalogues to RDA
1st. ed.