Encyclopaedia of World Art and Architecture (In 2 Volumes)

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This encyclopaedia aims at displaying clearly the characteristic features of the art and architecture of each country by comparing the buildings of each period and by giving due prominence to the influences—geographical, geological, climatic, religious, social historical and their contribution to the formation of particular styles. The analytical and comparative method adopted enables the essential of individual styles to be easily grasped. The general appearance and special features of the buildings of each period are described in detail, together with various theories of origin and evolutionary development. The vide range of typical buildings throughout the ages are shown both photographically and by specially prepared drawings which later serve as a key to the size and proportion of the structures, while the text is confined to brief descriptive notes.

The description and criticism of the buildings are mainly from personal observations of the worlds greatest monuments, from ancient troy to modern Chicago. The author himself has studied the pyramids, temples and tombs from Cairo to Khartoum and surveyed some of the latest astonishing excavations. In the remarkable land of India, he has visited wonder cities as Delhi, Agra with its famous Taj Mahal and Fatehpur Sikri. Special mention has been given on their architectural excellence.

Contents: Vol. I: The historical styles: Introduction. 1. Egyptian architecture : (Circa B.C. 5000 A.D. Ist cent). 2. West Asiatic architecture : (Circa B.C. 4000 B.C. 4 cent). 3. Greek architecture: (Early period : Circa B.C. 3000-B.C. 700; Hellenic: B.C. 700 B.C. 146). 4. Roman architecture : (B.C. 146 A.D. 365, preceded by Etruscan : B.C. 750 B.C. 100). 5. Early Chritstian architecture : (A.D. 4-12 cent). 6. Byzantine architecture : (A.D. 324-15 cent. and later). 7. Romanesque architecture in Europe : (A.D. 8-12 cent). 8. Italian Romanesque : (A.D. 8-12 cent). 9. French Romanesque : (A.D. 8-12 cent). 10. German Romanesque : (A.D. 8-13 cent). 11. Gothic architecture in Europe : (A.D. 12-16 cent). 12. English mediaeval architecture : (A.D. 5-16 cent). 13. Scottish architecture : (A.D. 12-18 cent). 14. Irish architecture : (A.D. 6-16 cent). 15. French Gothic : (A.D. 12-16 cent). 16. Belgian and dutch Gothic : (A.D. 12-16 cent). 17. German Gothic : (A.D. 13-16 cent). 18. Italian Gothic : (A.D. 12-16 cent). 19. Spanish Gothic : (A.D. 12-16 cent).

Vol. II: Renaissance architecture in Europe: 1. Renaissance architecture in Europe : (A.D. 15-19 cent). 2. Italian renaissance : (A.D. 15-19 cent). 3. French renaissance : (A.D. 15-19 cent). 4. German renaissance : (A.D. 16-19 cent). 5. Belgian and dutch renaissance : (A.D. 16-19 cent). 6. Spanish renaissance : (A.D. 16-19 cent). 7. English renaissance : (A.D. 16-19 cent). 8. Modern architecture in England : (A.D. 19 cent to present day). 9. Architecture of the British dominions architecture in the United States of America : (A.D. 17 cent. to present day). 10. General introduction. 11. Indian architecture : (Circa B.C. 250 to present day). 12. Chinese architecture : B.C. 3 cent. to present day). 13. Japanese architecture : (B.C. 7 cent. to present day). 14. Anceint American architecture : (A.D. 12-16 cent). 15. Saracenic architecture in Arabia, Syria, Egypt, Spain, Persia, Turkey, & India : (A.D. 7 cent. to present day). Glossary of architectural terms. Index.


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Encyclopaedia of World Art and Architecture (In 2 Volumes)