Environmental Laws of Pakistan

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Taken together, the Pakistan Environmental Protection Act, 1997, its regulations, the Review of IEE/EIA Regulations, 2000, the Environmental Laboratories Certification Regulations, 2001 and the rules, National Environmental Quality Standards (Self-Monitoring the Reporting by Industries) Rules, 2001, Provincial Sustainable Development Fund (Procedure) Rules, 2002, Provincial Sustainable Development Fund (Utilization) Rules, 2002, Industrial Pollution Charge (Calculation and Collection) Rules, 2002, Environmental Samples Rules, 2001, Environmental Tribunal Rules, 1999, Administrative Penalty Rules 2005, Hazardous Substances Rules and the Hospital Waste Management Rules 2000 provide a substantial part of the skeleton framework supporting Pakistani environmental laws. This book provides the full text of the 1997 Act including its rules and regulations and selected provisions of other relevant laws, all accompanied by practical section-by-section commentary giving guidance on the interpretation and application of law at it is in force. The objective behind this book is to reflect upon environmental legislations (including the act, rules and regulations), judicial pronouncements, international treaties and other developments related to environment. This includes both judicial approaches and new approaches towards conflict resolution and consensus building. This is to enable a law practitioner to develop critical view point as to the functioning of our legal system with a view to ignite creative thinking, in bringing legal reforms to protect environment. This book is a novel attempt in bring about an understanding of the subject and would benefit people from all sections of the society. It contains a birds eye view into the various laws apart from Pakistan Environmental Protection Act, 1997, and judgments of the Pakistani Courts, while briefly touching upon the international legal regime. This unique book provides expert analytical commentary of the 1997 Act and will therefore be indispensable to all practitioners concerned with environmental matters, environmental specialists, agency reviewers and decision makers, consultants, students, and citizens who want to effectively influence environmental decisions that shape their communities.


Jawad Hassan is a Partner at Hassan and Hassan (Advocates), Lahore and specializes in litigation, Commercial, corporate, banking and labour work. He has to his name a number of reported judgments of the High Courts of Pakistan on commercial law. He holds an LL.M. from Pace University, New York, Masters in Economics and an LL.B. form Punjab University, Lahore, graduate diploma in accounting from the University of Westminister, London and various certificates from the Hague Academy of International Law, Hague and the National University of Singapore, Singapore. He is member of various Commissions, Committees and Boards of the organizations, NGOs, institutes, bar associations and the chambers of commerce. Mr. Hassan has been involved with the Government of Pakistan and Government of Punjab in drafting certain laws, rules and regulations. Mr. Hassan is a visiting lecturer at the Punjab University Law College and Kinnaird College and has been a Resource Person at the three (3) Capacity Building Workshops for the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan at LUMS; eleven (11) Training Workshops for the Civil judges of the NWFP Sindh, Baluchistan and Pinjab organized by the High Courts and at the various training courses for the Government officers at NIPA, Civil Service Academy and the Government Engineer Academy Punjab. Mr. Hassan’s various researched articles/papers have been published in USA, UK, Netherlands, Australia and Pakistan which were presented in various international conferences.


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Environmental Laws of Pakistan
1st ed.
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