Goodness and Good Manners

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Today, when unscrupulousness and selfishness rule the day and grabbing is the most dominant characteristic of social behaviour, goodness and good manners feel like a breeze of fresh air. But unfortunately, most of the time we think of this goodness coming only from others? What about our own selves? In this connection we should remind ourselves of the famous Biblical saying “Do unto others as you would they unto you”. There are people who would just keep complaining, blaming others and circumstances for just about anything and everything. But let us never forget that our lives are interwined with those of others. Since we are an inseparable part of society whatever we do also affects others and whatever others do affects us. So why should we not start with ourselves. There is the saying “Do not sit cursing the darkness. At least light a little candle of yours.” Not everything and everybody is bad. There are a lot of good people who are valiantly engaged in lighting up as many such little candle as possible in the enveloping darkness. If only we contribute our candles to them.


Vaasamoorti (full name Varanasi Satyanarayana Murthy), B.A. (Economics) and M.A. (English), was a faculty member in Department of English in S.K.B.R. College, amalapuram. He also worked as Editorial Assistant for Andhra Prabha Illustrated weekly for 11 years. He has written more than a score short stories, ten novels and five books for children, one of which, besides being translated into Tamil and Malayalam, was also translated into Russian and published in the erstwhile Soviet Union. Another was published under the UNESCO auspices and was translated into Kannada. Several plays for children were broadcast over the AIR.


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Goodness and Good Manners
1st ed.
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