India and the Nordics in a Changing World

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The new context of globalisation marked by rapid communication and information has irrevocably changed inter-state relations. Distances are no longer prohibitive and knowledge of states and their societies is not restricted to their immediate neighbourhoods. New contacts are established and old ones intensify. This volume is a collection of ten papers looking at the small smart achieving states of the Nordic region. India has long established relation with these countries. This collection highlights how the context of globalization has opened up for India and the Nordics new possibilities and opportunities for greater collaboration and learning from each other. Welfare, energy, environment, diversity management are all possible areas of collaboration that can be of mutual benefit.


1. Historical Foundations for the Nordic Development Model by Stein Kristiansen

2. Comparing the Nature of Welfare State in India and Sweden in the Context of Neo- Conservatism by Mohd. Moazzam Ali Muztarib

3. Policy Discourse and Marginal Places: Environmental Democracy in India and Sweden by Seema Arora-Jonsson

4. Towards Sustainable Energy for All: Agenda for India-Nordic Energy Cooperation by Girijesh Pant

5. Norwegian Peace Diplomacy in Sri Lanka: Bound to Fail? by B.K. Krishnamoorthy

6. Nordic-Arctic Cooperation: Towards Sustainable Cooperation Programme by Ankita Dutta

7. India and the Nordics: Interface in Select Issue Area by Purusottam Bhattacharya

8. Gender Equality in Nordic Countries: How Much Real, How Much Successful? by Sheetal Sharma

9. Immigration, Integration and the Nordics by Bhaswati Sarkar

10. Sami Rights and the Nordic Countries by Jammuan Ching


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India and the Nordics in a Changing World
1st ed.
Kaveri Books, 2018
243p., 23cm.