Krishna Theme in Indian Art: With Special Reference to Museums of Hyderabad

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The theme of Krishna held fascination to religionists, philosophers, poets and artists throughout the ages in India. On the Philosophical plane, Krishna is considered the crucial power in the struggle between good and evil. The Yogis considered Sri Krishna to be the absolute truth, the Gopis considered the highest object to love and the warriors as an ideal hero. This idea are expressed in the Bhagavata has made the Krishna worship broad-based. On the popular side the colourful life of the Krishna has had tremendous attraction for all sections of the people. Various stages of the life of Krishna have provided a wide thematic range for painters, sculptors and artisans. The arists were influenced by this theme and rejoiced themselves in presenting Krishna in their art. Art is a `Meditation’ by which the artist surrenders himself to God. This great art tradition of India is preserved in our museum is no more a store house. A large number of art objects are locked up in museums. Today, museum is a permanent institution, collects objects, interprets them through research and display, educates people, conserves the objects with public relations. This book explains the relationship of art objects of Krishna theme from the Museums of Hyderabad and explains the various art objects in detail. This book describes Krishna Theme in Indian art, Art objects of Krishna Theme, Materials, Technique, Styles, catalogue of stone sculptures, metal sculptures, wooden sculptures, miniatures, glass paintings and Balakrishna coins of Vijayanagara Empire.


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Krishna Theme in Indian Art: With Special Reference to Museums of Hyderabad
1st. ed.
9350502763, 9789350502761
xxiv+300p., Illustrations; 24cm.