Objective Horticulture

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We are living in an era of competition. This is visible everywhere. In educational institutions too, the competitive exams are no exception to this. Most of the universities, Institutes, Organisations and Government staff selection Agencies have made competitive examinations the basis for choosing candidates. The questions asked in these exams are of objective type large in number and of varied nature. They require quick answering within a specified period of time to secure high merit and assured success. A subject like horticulture encompasses many branches viz., Pomology, Olericulture, Floriculture, Species & Condiments, medicinal & Aromatic Plants, Plantation crops, Post-harvest Management technology and Mushroom culture, etc.. The aspirants have to can through a number of textbooks, journals, magazines and periodicals to cover each topic o syllabus thoroughly. This is so because there is hardy any high quality book on horticulture that covers the entire syllabus of this subject for competitive exams. Keeping this in mind, an earnest has been made to write this book named ‘Objective Horticulture’ covering various branches of horticulture.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR Neeraj Pratap Singh

The author Neeraj Pratap Singh, is deeply attached to Agriculture. He has had a continuous brilliant university career in Agriculture, bedecked with medals, prizes and scholarships. He passed B.Sc. from C.S. azad University of Agriculture and Technology, Kanpur and was awarded 'University Bronze Medal'. He also received 'Achhaiwar Singh Memorial Gold Medal' in Plant Breeding and Genetics. He has done his M.Sc. in Horticulture from Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi securing second position in Department of Horticulture. The author is a member of General Scientific Societies and Journals. He has to his credit a number of research papers, popular scientific articles and technical bulletins. He has gained first hand extension experience in village, hamlets and rural areas in various capacities. He was actively associated with the projects of UPCAR, UPLDC, UPDASP and several other research and development works. Presently, he is working as executive (Horticulture), Planning and Architecture, in Sahara India Parivar-The world's largest family of 9.10 lakh members, a multi-crore Indian corporate, which is successfully diversified into multiple socio-economic development activities. He is whole-heartedly devoted in Horticulture and landscaping for beautification of Sahara City Homes-The world largest chain of self-sufficient high quality township in 217 cities. He believes in the principle-Mission Through, Dream True. He is a promising young and dynamic author who is extremely dedicated to the development of socio-economic, welfare, agriculture and development sectors. Recently he has written books entitled Basic Concepts of Vegetable Sciences, Basic Concepts of Fruit Science, Terminology of Horticulture, Terminology of Landscaping and Floriculture and Objective Horticulture, the unique and core books which are widely accepted and acclaimed reference books both among students and teachers meant for agricultural competitive exams.


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Objective Horticulture
1st ed.
x+436p., Glossary; 24cm.