Public Sector Performance of State Road Transport Corporation

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This book examines the performance of Andhra Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation both at the state and regional levels. It particularly deals with the pricing policies of the transport service as being implemented by the corporation. The organisational set up of the corporation along with its various features like capital investment and staffing has been described in full length. Both financial and social performance were examined using indicators like cost per kilometre earnings per kilometre, load factor and arrived at gross margins for the survey period. The data were upto date. About the book former finance minister, the sculptor of liberalisation policies Dr. Manmohan Singh has said "The public sector has been assigned a very important role in the process of mobilisation and allocation of investible resources. Unfortunately the performance of a large number of public enterprises particularly in fields of public transport and electricity has not yielded the expected results. As such I congratulate you (Author) for having completed your work dealing with the functioning of APSRTC.


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Public Sector Performance of State Road Transport Corporation
1st ed.