Re-Envisaging Knowledge Resource Centers: Roles and Responsibilities

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The theme of the book “Re-Envisaging Knowledge Resource Centers: Roles and Responsibilities” is chosen because of its importance and relevance to the present global scenario. Libraries are at a turning point. As technology rapidly transforms the way we access information, and resources are increasingly available online and in digital formats, the established role of the library as a physical space housing racks of books is looking increasingly out of step with the needs of students and researchers. Allied with technology, library users’ needs and preferences are helping to drive the change in libraries. Students, researchers and teachers now expect to be able to access information around the clock, from almost anywhere in the world and via a growing number of devices, from laptops to phones. Considering the importance of the theme, there was tremendous response from many library professionals from all over the country as well as out of country who have submitted papers on various sub-themes related to library services. After editing and scrutiny by experts, the editors had to reject some papers which did not fit into the theme and/or ‘not up-to-the-mark’, which is inevitable. The contributors of articles included in this book are mostly from scientific, research and academic institutions. Many of the articles report the experience of these authors in handling the digital resources and services.


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Re-Envisaging Knowledge Resource Centers: Roles and Responsibilities
1st ed.