Research Methods For Library Science Professionals

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This book is significant in many ways because it describes various important aspects of research methods such as sampling, various methods and techniques of data collection, processing and analysis of data, statistical analysis and interpretation of data, hypothesis and testing the hypothesis, interpretation of data and writing research report, computer application: its role in research, etc.

In this book “Research Method for Library Science Professionals” an attempt has been made to bridge the gap by bringing together the relevant material on this topic which can be very useful to the library science professionals, students of M.Lib.Sc. and M.Phil. courses of various universities. This book covers the syllabi of many universities and comprehensively covers the subject being taught at Masters’ and M.Phil. level. This book has been written with specific objective of guiding the professionals in general and research scholars in particular to impart sufficient knowledge about various aspects of research methods.

This book is divided into 11 chapters. Special care has been taken to explain the matter in a very simple and easy language. It gives a wide range of information on various aspects of research methods. A detailed glossary is given at the end to understand the subject without any difficulty.

It is hoped that this book would be very useful for the library and information science professionals in general and for the research scholars in particular. It is hoped that this book will serve its intended purpose.


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Research Methods For Library Science Professionals
1st ed.