Southern India: It’s History, People, Commerce, and Industrial Resources

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The work in its broad outlines, it may be hoped, may be left to speak for itself. It fills a position apart from the general run of publications relative to India. While it embodies material of a character commonly associated with the admirable works issued from time to time under official auspices, it also embraces literary and popular features not found in those productions, and has, besides, an immense amount of information relative to the purely commercial aspects of life, which are not touched either in the official works or in the ordinary travellers books about India. Moreover, the pages are illustrated by a wealth of photographic material, absolutely without precedent in any literary undertaking dealing with the Indian empire. These features, literary, utilitarian, and artistic, it is believed from the experience gained elsewhere, and from the cordial reception everywhere given in Southern India to the venture, will ensure for it a friendly welcome from the Indian public, and ultimately a recognized place in the bibliography of the great dependency.


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Southern India: It’s History, People, Commerce, and Industrial Resources
766p., Figures; Plates; Index; 29cm.