Spirit of the Tiger: Majestic Lord of the Jungle

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Imbued with the scent of the earth, green leaves washed by incessant rains, spirit of the Tiger thrillingly captures all that is wonderful abot the king of the jungle-stalking, hunting, sharing kills and fighting over them, mating, parenting, or simply cooling off in water holes and streams.

Turn over the pages and admire the brilliant photographs where tigers peer through and pose with their cubs and mates and other denizens of the jungle.

Majestic Lord of the Jungle A thrilling visual celebration of the spirit of the tiger and all that is amazing about it – from its life, to its habits and habitat. A stunning collection of photographs from the finest wildlife photographers. An endearing depiction of tigers enacting a sensational family drama – cubs growing to juveniles and subadults and indulging in mock fights and catch- as – can drills, a caring mother, a protective father and a prospective suitor waiting, green with envy, to meat. Learn the most intriguing face about the tiger and how it maintains balance in the forest ecology.

The book is an ardent plea from Nature save our tigers before they dwindle into oblivion and we lose one of our most precious emblems of natural history.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR Aditya 'Dicky' Singh

Aditya 'Dicky' Singh is a wildlife expert who runs a successful wildlife lodge in Ranthambhore, at the edge of the famous tiger park. His photography have been published in books and magazines all over the world.


Nikhil Devasar is a Delhi-based photographyer specializing in wildlife. He runs the Delhi Bird Club, the largest birding network in India. He has co-authored the Atlas of the Birds of Delhi and Haryana. A professional wildlife guide, he leads tours throughtout India. His photographs have appeared in several books and journals.


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Spirit of the Tiger: Majestic Lord of the Jungle
1st. ed.
255p., Illustrations; Colour; 32cm.