Spy Net-Work in Mahabharata

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The book is a critical appraisal of the events in the Mahabharata as also of the acts and policies of the principal characters and others with special emphasis on the role of secret agents. The kings and the wise men of those days were fully conversant with the importance of the timely information to thwart the evil designs of the enemies. Secret agents were described as the eyes and ears of the rulers.

During the devastating 18 day Mahabharata war collection of intelligence took different twists and turns. The emissaries and the secret agents of both the sides Pandavas and Kauravas were specially activated during the period of war preparations to collect information on war tactics and strategies of the rivals. And the Pandavas managed to hoodwink the Kauravas on many occasions. Krishna a brilliant war strategist raised a band of reliable agents of his own who directly reported to him on various subjects.

A well organized intelligence service is required even more today. The book highlights details on secret agents their training from this great epic it may be an informative and interesting reading for all.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR Ramendra Narayan Sanyal

Ramendra Narayan Sanyal (b. 1926) began his professional career in a college after successfully completing his Masters in Economics from Calcutta University. Later he went on to compete in the State Civil Services examination that led him to begin a long association with the West Begal State Police Service and then with the Intelligence Bureau, Government of India. Over the course of nearly three decades he served in various capacities handling many sensitive assignments of national and international importance. Awarded the Indian Police Medal for Distinguished Service, Police Medal for Meritourious Service and the Police (Special Duty) Medal, Manipur. Since his retirement, he has been a prolific writer on diverse subjects including a recently published in-depth analysis of the intelligence network in the Mahabharata and its relevance in the present geo-political risks that India faces.


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Spy Net-Work in Mahabharata
1st ed.
xiv+178p., Glossary.