Studies in Indian Numismatics

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The monograph contains the result of the sustained researches in the field of Indian numismatics through the ages. Coins as tiny sources of history reflect the socio-economic conditions in the life of the people. As cultural mirror of the nation they depict images of divinities religious edifices, portraits of rulers as also the animals and birds of a country. In eighteen well written research papers the author has ventured to bring out the salient features of Indian numismatic history including the early phases of Indian coins as documented by the bent bar and punch marked specimens the visual account of the Hindu and Greco Roman Gods, such as Vishnu and different varities of Lakshmi, including the Gajalakshmi as also Ardoksho the popular art motifs like Salabhanjika, the temple tokens depicting Rama’s coronation scene and others, the rare gold issues by the Muslim Sultans, the metrological study of a group of coins, an elaborate history of Indian coins through the ages, modern issues of the Republic of India and importantly enough the study of the growth and development of the fabulous coin collection in the Indian Museum.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR Dolly Mukherjee

Born in Calcutta Smt. Dolly Mukherjee and her Master degree in Ancient Indian History and Culture (1958) as well as the Diploma in Museology (1961) from the University of Calcutta. He official Survey of India as the Assistant Numismatist in the Indian Museum, Calcutta in 1961. She retird from the Museum in 1994 as the Keeper and the Head of the department of the Numismatic and Epigraaphy Section. Apart from many other developmental and academic activities she had the credit of setting up of the Coin Gallery of the Museum, the first of its kind in India in the year 1981. In 1988 she was deputed to the United Stares of America under cultural exchange programme tostudy the collection and the advanced museological activities of the country. The next year she participated at the triennial congress of the International Council of Museums (ICOM) held at Hague. As the curator of the exhibition on Indian Bronzes organized by the Indian Museum she also visited Australia in 1994. Smt. Mukherjee is the Life Member of the Numismatic Society of India as also the Member of the Indian National Committee of ICOM and the All India Art Histroy Congress.


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Studies in Indian Numismatics
1st. ed.
xiv+144p., 40 B/W Plates; 25cm.