Studies in South Indian Coins, Volume XIX

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This Volume, nineteenth in the series, has 29 papers by well known numismatists from South India, besides the section entitled 'news and views'. These papers may be broadly classified into two categories: 1] Unknown coins, seals and rings; 2] re-examination or re-interpretation of known coins and their significance and metallurgical properties of some coins.

To the first category, belongs: coins assignable to the Sangam Age Cheras from Banavasi; a gold coin of Hoysala king Vishnuvardana; three gold fanams issued by the Rashtrakutas, Kadambas and Harathi Chiefs; two lead portrait coins of early Rashtrakuta King Manaka; a rare gold coin of Rajendra Chola-I; three unfamiliar gold coins of the Gangas, Rashtrakutas and Hoysalas; a gold coin of Vira Nolamba; a coin of Queen Byradevi of Haduvalli; a coin of Keladi Nayakas with ship-motif; a rare coin of Krishnaraja Wodeyar-III with eleven sides; a copper coin of Chennapatna Palegar Immadi Jagadevaraya; coins assignable to Kayamkulam Rulers; an un-inscribed cast copper coin from South India; an ancient seal with the Sinhala-Brahmi script of 1st century A.D. and a silver ring seal with an early Nagari legend. Apart from these, this book, illustrated with a number of photographs, has an exhaustive bibliography on Karnataka Coins and reviews of four books on numismatics.


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Studies in South Indian Coins, Volume XIX
1st ed.
166p,. Figures; Map; Bibliography; 22cm.