Studies in South Indian Coins, Volume XVIII

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This volume, eighteenth in the series, contains thirty papers. Some of the topics dealt by the authors are: the coinage of Andhra Pradesh; Pre-republican Roman coins from India in the British Museum; analyses of the weights of copper and lead coins found at Kotalingala; the changes in the alphabet 'ma' on silver portrait coins of Vasisthiputra Sivasri Pulumavi; an unique Sangam Age Silver Portrait Coin; Pallava coins found in Sri Lanka; dies used for making imitation Venetian Ducats; analysis of the Mughal Gold Coins in the necklaces adorning Lord Venkateswara Tirumala Temple; results of the analysis of some ancient and medieval lead coins and lead ores; the evolution of Asaf Jahi Coins; the Chiuli Fanams of Ramnad and the significance of the symbols found on the Vijayanagar Coins. Apart from these, the other papers in this volume deal with unnoticed coins of; Maharathi, Ikshvakus and Vishnukundins from Phanigiri, Chutu-Pallavas, Kadambas, Chiefs of Banavasi Area, Belur and Channapattana, Venad Rulers, Ikkeri Nayaks, Portuguese, Wadeyars and Travancore Rulers, besides a coin depicting Goddess Kamakshi of Kanchipuram.


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Studies in South Indian Coins, Volume XVIII
1st ed.
157p., Tables; Figures; References & Notes; 24cm.