Studies in South Indian Coins, Volume XX

Studies in South Indian Coins


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The 28 papers included in this Volume, twentieth in the series with the title Studies in South Indian Coins, cover a wide time span. The coins described are from the excavations, hoards, store rooms in the museums and individual collections.

The coins are ascribed to: punch-marked variety, un-inscribed copper issues, Sadas, Satavahana, Roman, Kshatrapa, Ikshvaku, Kura Chutu, Vishnukundin,  early Chera, Nolamba, medical Chola, Yadavas kalyana Kalachuris, later Pandya, Bahmanis,  Vijayanagar, Wodeyars, Mughals, Arcot Nawabs, Hyder Ali and Tipu Sultan. In addition, a paper on a gold ring with a legend in Tamil-Brahmi, pendants made out of Roman and Satavahana coins, detailed information on the medieval mint at Lokkigundi in Karanataka and some seal impressions on palm leaf documents in Tamil Nadu, are included. Besides these, there is a section on news and views and review of four books on numismatics.
Illustrated with a number of photographs and tables, this volume is likely to be useful for the numismatists, historians, epigraphists, keepers of coins in museums, coin collectors and others interested in the economic history of peninsular India.


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Studies in South Indian Coins, Volume XX
Studies in South Indian Coins
1st ed.
171p., Map; llustrations; 22cm.