The Complete Technology Book on Detergents

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The Indian detergent industry is about three decades old. An interesting and unique feature of detergent industry in India is the existence of non-power operated units which do not use any electrical power for the production of detergent powder. But the production technology of detergents have been changed from slower batch processes to quicker continuous processes involving costly equipments, high technique in process control, more skilled personnel and requiring large input. This text emphases practical aspects of detergent production with latest development and other special products based on synthetic surfactants. This book is an attempts to fill the need of those desirous of starting detergent industries in small scale sector and necessarily contains analytical methods for testing and evaluation of raw as well as final products. The book also contains addresses of machinery and raw material suppliers.


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The Complete Technology Book on Detergents
Ist ed.
519p., Tables; Figures; Directory; 22cm.