The Hindu Journey: A Sociological Perspective

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The Hindu Journey comprises a prime example of allegorical writing. Part One of this book deals with visionary experiences, though a spiritual technique known as "gazing" though which access can be made possible to religious experiences. The next part of this allegory follows up on experiences of a spiritual nature, where the heritage of the great saints comes alive. This section also describes places and people that defy the imagination. Finally there is an ‘Afterword’ on allegorical sociology which discusses some key ideas in this form of enquiry and subsequent presentation in writing.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR Tribhuwan Kapur

Tribhuwan Kapur has a doctorate in the sociology of religion from Delhi University (1983). At present Tribhuwan Kapur is Associate Professor in the Faculty of Sociology, IGNOU, New Delhi. He has Published 10 books so far on religion and related subjects like the hippie movement, juvenile drug taking, symbolism of Hinduism and so on. His publications include: Torn Shoes, A Cogitoid (1977), In Ecstatic Embrace, A Voidic Composition (1978), Hippies: Drug Habits and Sexual Customs (1981), Drug Epidemic Among Indian Youth (1984), Sexual Life of the Kumaonis (1986), Religion and Ritual in Rural India: A Case Study of a Village in Kumaon (1988), Symbolism of Hinduism: A Hermeneutic Approach (1988), Social Interaction in Contemporary society (1992), Quest for Realization: J. Krishanamurti, the Bhagavad Gita, and C.L. Gurdjieff (1999), Religion Science and Development: An Interface (2001).


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The Hindu Journey: A Sociological Perspective
1st ed.
212p., Bibliography; Index; 23cm.