Buddhist Social and Moral Education

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Everybody is conscious of the erosion of moral values, widespread corruption, dereliction of duty, social conflicts, religious intolerance and rampant in-discipline. But there are genuine difficulties ideological, psychological and practical which need to be studied, sorted out and clarified before any effective measures can be taken to solve the problems. Various offorts have been made in the past by different education commissions and committees to prepare a blue print for moral and social education of the young generation for their moral regeneration and social transformation. But for various reasons, the educational system of the country could not respond to the different proposals. Perhaps there is no escape except to find a way out. Buddha’s moral code which is national and psychological, scientific and humanistic can admirably serve as a good starting point.

A humble effort has been made in this book to present a bird’s eye-view of the Buddhist morality so as to set the ball rolling in this direction.


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Buddhist Social and Moral Education
1st. ed.
250p., 9.5 inch x 7.5 inch