Chandamama – Celebrating 60 Wonderful Years

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Chandamama, started in 1947, is a repository of stories reflecting the spirit of India. Witty, uplifting, awe-inspiring and sometimes even intriguing, the stories have captured the hearts of not only youngsters but even adults through their simple and yet endearing narrative. The Collector’s Edition 2007, which commemorates 60 years of Chandamama, captures the essence of the vision of its founders Shri Nagi Reddi and Shri Chakrapani. The stories selected for this edition represent the variety that have characterized Chandamama over the years. The book is divided into sections for easy readability, and includes stories of Vikram-Vetala, Adventures & Explorations, Moral Tales and Witty Tales. The stories have been published true to the original form, as published so many years ago – to preserve the quaintness and to share the evolution of the magazine over the years. A sincere attempt has also been made to present stories from all the decades. This Edition also provides interesting insights into the development of Chandamama as an organization from the time of its inception to its current avatar as a corporate entity.


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Chandamama – Celebrating 60 Wonderful Years