Dawn of Your Spiritual Journey

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God is remembered and revered as the Supreme Father, the Supreme Teacher, and the Supreme Guide in Indian tradition. It is God Shiva who gives us the true knowledge of the soul, the Supreme Soul and the Eternal World Drama. Through the corporeal medium of Prajapita Brahma, He teaches us the most esoteric knowledge for redemption from vices. God is now teaching us human beings so that we can attain our God Fatherly Birthright of Health, Happiness and Harmony in the forthcoming Golden Age or Satyuga. The main motivating force to bring out this publication has been to make available to the devotees /seekers a spectrum of teachings of Shiva Baba and of contemporary divine personalities on spiritual wisdom in a small book form which is handy and easy for reference. Hopefully, this small book will enlighten, enrich and empower the readers, in their quest, to attain freedom from bondage, sorrow and despair. This book should be available in every home, every educational centre, every community centre and every temple of learning.


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Dawn of Your Spiritual Journey
1st. ed.