Economic Development and Water Sustainability: Study from an Emerging Nation, India

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There is a wide consensus that the future economic development in India largely depends on the sufficient supply of fresh water. It is not only applied to the agricultural sector but also to the industrial sector. Meanwhile, growing households’ demand can’t be ignored where the quantity and quality are the concerned. Moreover, sufficient water supply is not merely an important factor in economic development, but also for the conservation and stability of ecologic systems as an important basis of life for the people of India. In this context, the book looks insights into the importance of water resources for the economic development in India, and its sustainable usages. It also deals with the impact of the rapid economic growth on the quality of the environment in terms of water pollution, access to safe drinking water, use and development of groundwater, and the prevalence of waterborne diseases. The issues related to water sustainability and a road map for the future prospect are also brought under the purview of the discussion.

Contents: Preface. 1. Introduction. 2. Economic importance of water resources a theoretical foundation. 3. Foundations of a sustainable water availability. 4. Situation in India; availability, demand and distribution. 5. Sectoral progress, demand and concerns: agriculture, industry and domestic. 6. Groundwater: use development and crisis. 7. Environmental Kuznets curve: economic growth and water issues. 8. Water sustainability in India: policy issues and prospects. 9. Summary and conclusions. References. Index.


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Economic Development and Water Sustainability: Study from an Emerging Nation, India
1st. ed.