Encyclopaedia of Prophet Muhammad’s Teachings (In 10 Volumes)

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Islam is the complete code of life. It addresses issues, pertaining to almost-every walk of life. Polity, economy, society, family, education, human rights, self and national defence, inheritance, science, philosophy, religion, spirituality, moral values, communal harmony etc. In fact, not a single subject has been spared, which does not find mention in Holy Quran and Traditions of Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh). Prophet’s teachings are all based on the Divine Revelations, made by Allah, the Exalted, through the medium of archangel Jibrael from to time. The first revelation was made in the cave of Hira, when the Prophet (Pbuh) had completed four decades of his life. The cave event is, in fact, the manifestation and systematic declaration of the prophethood, which he had been endowed since birth. Completion of forty years of age is the time, when, as a principle, prophethood is systematically declared and pronounced. Since the Prophet (Pbuh) was not formally literate, he never said anything on his own. Select criteria helped in sorting out his sayings, with authenticity and genuineness from amongst a plethora of mix sayings. Finally, about one lakh and fifty thousand sayings were sorted out, which have been collected into six books, based on Prophet’s teachings. Encyclopaedia of Prophet Muhammad’s Teachings’ is a multi-volume work, based on research and meticulous findings. Comprehensive, extensive, exclusive and holistic, as it is, it must create an urge in all quarters of Islamic scholars to possess it.


Dr. M.H. Syed, an academic and scholar in his own right, is basically a political scientist. He has further diversified his interests into research and serious studies in subjects like History, International Relations, Human Rights etc. An M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D. in Political Science, M.A. in English Literature, diploma in International Relations and Diploma in Journalism. He began his career as a feature writer in All India Radio and Press Information Bureau. Later, he was associated with United News of India and Times of India. He has also edited several periodicals and penned dozens of articles for esteemed dailies and weeklies., apart from participating in various seminars and symposia. As an author, he has several books to his credit, in addition to dozens edited by him for reputed publishers. An established name in literary circles, Dr. Syed is totally devoted to research and writing.


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Encyclopaedia of Prophet Muhammad’s Teachings (In 10 Volumes)
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