Folklore Studies in the Current Globalization: Festschrift to Prof. N. Bhakthavathsala Reddy (In 2 Volumes)

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Folklore Studies in the Current Globalization is a Festschrift presented to Prof. N. Bhakthavathsala Reddy, a renowned Folklorist and good administrator on his birthday fslling on 69 Years (01.07.1948). This prestigious volume contains a wide spectrum of elite research papers covering Folklore, literature and culture by renowned authors. It undoubtedly becomes an important source of information and reference book for History, Culture, Folklore and Tribal lore for research scholars and teachers as well.

People are aware of two kinds of literature: Classical and Folklore. They respond to literature differently. Folk literature has been neglected by traditional scholars while classical one becomes famous! Modern thinking has made them understand the importance of folklore which is created by common people while classical one is produced by enlightened people. Folklore makes younger better than older children when classical literature jighlights older better than younger ones which produces little confidence in the young. So Folklore needs a great book to enlighten all the people. Prof. N. Bhakthavathsala Reddy deserves this book sevoted to him.


Dr. Manchi Sarat Babu is working as a Reader in English at Government Degree College Srisailam. He has had a brilliant academic career, having obtained his M.A. and M.Phil., from Nagarjuna Univesity and P.G.D.T.E. from CIEFL (Hyderabad) and Ph.D. from S.K. University, Anantapur. He got the best teacher award for the year 2000-2001 from Lions Club International, Srisailam. As a perceptive critic of Indian drama, he has presented several scholarly papers at various seminars and conferences and published many papers in journals and books. He is the author of the well-known book entitled, Indian Drama Today and Vijay Tendulkar’s Ghashiriam Kotwal.


Dr. Pedarapu Chenna Reddy (Born in 1959) got his Post Graduate Degree (1984) from S.K. University, Aanantapur, M.Phil. (1986), Ph.D. (1988) and P.G. Diploma in Epigraphy (1988) from S.V. University, Tirupati and P.G. Diploma in Travel and Tourism Management (2001) from Andhra University, Waltair. His book Guilds in Medieval Andhra Desa was widely acclaimed by the academicians and students alike. Dr. Reddy has to his credit more than 42 research papers on various aspects of ancient, medieval and modern history published in National and International Journals, Felicitation and Commemorative volumes. He is the life member of Indian History Congress, South Indian History Congress, A.P. History Congress, Epigraphical Society of India, Numismatic Society of South India, Andhra Pradesh Janapada Sahitya Samiti, Piligrimage Society of India, Folklore Society of South Indian Languages, Ropckart Society of India, world Telugu Federation etc. He has attended the annual sessions of these and various other professional bodies and presented research Indian History Congress and presently Joint Secretary of South Indian History Congress & A.P. History Congress. He was the district Chariman and President of Lions Club International (324 D3), Vice-President Indian Red Cross Society, Srisailam. 17 M. Phil’s, and 2 Ph.D. Degrees were awarded under his guidance and 5 Ph.D’s are in advanced stage of completion. He is an active Social and academic worker and is instrumental in establishing in Government Degree College and Dr. Ambedkar Open University Study Centre in the Srisailam Project for the poor, dalilt and tribal people. He received several felicitations, and awards such as Global Telugus Glory award (1995); Sahiti Sarswati Siripi anjaneyulu State award (1999); Best Teacher Award by Bandaru Sarojini Devi Memorial Foundation (2000). Moreover, his Bio-data was published in Who is who in the world and V.I.P.’s of A.P. International (1995-96).


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Folklore Studies in the Current Globalization: Festschrift to Prof. N. Bhakthavathsala Reddy (In 2 Volumes)
1st. ed.
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