Philosophy of Yoga

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Today people in the East and west have lost faith in the mainstream religions and yet continue to understand that their life is not meaningless. Naturally they turn to the Philosophy of Yoga to unravel the power of their internal realm. The philosophy of Yoga deals with the mysteries of Creation, Universe and the life on the planet earth. It encourages a seeker to explore as to where we came from purpose of our existence and the problems of survival since the beginning of time.

Regular practice of Yoga, Asanas, Pranayama and Meditation can help a seeker control their mind a concentrate on their chosen ideals, which brings about perfect equilibrium between the body mind and spirit. This enables them to advance into a higher from of consciousness.

In this book the evolution of the philosophy of Yoga has been examined with great concern and its involvements in a fulfilling happy and healthy life. Chapter on Cakras and Ayurveda are also given at the end their relationship with Yoga is also being discussed.


Lalit Kilam completed his higher education in Europe and in the mountainous region of the Himalayas. He is a computer engineer who enjoys working with Computers and interconnecting masses by providing High Speed Internet to the customers of Saskatchewan, Canada. During these years he had an opportunity to experience a wide range of various religious Philosophies happenings around the world and also their impact on the human life. He strongly believes that mankind is responsible for his own actions and he also is a fervent and sincere believer in the practice of Yoga and spiritual growth. According to him Yoga and meditation brings inspiration and solace to the spirits of the people living around the globe.


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Philosophy of Yoga
1st. ed.
136p., Colour Illustrations; 8.5 inch x 6.0 inch