Reforming Public Services in India: Drawing Lessons from Success

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There has been considerable debate in India about the quality of public service delivery. Various governments have attempted in recent years to improve delivery systems. This study examines 31 such efforts. Focusing on specific innovations in service delivery across India, the study identifies common factors underlying their success. In doing so, it highlights the efficacy of six instruments to improve service delivery—fostering competition, simplifying transactions, restructuring agency processes, decentralisation, building broad political support for programme delivery and strengthening accountability mechanisms. Covering a range of services and cases—such as ITC’s e-Chaupal, Madhya Pradesh’s effort to decentralise teacher management, Karnataka’s road transport corporation, Andhra Pradesh’s eSeva and Tamil Nadu’s success in improving human development outcomes—the study draws lessons that can help improve service delivery across sectors and facilitate the transplanting of success stories to other settings.


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Reforming Public Services in India: Drawing Lessons from Success
1st ed.
xxvi+93p., Tables; Plates; Notes; Bibliography; 29cm.