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Tantrasara is an extensive digest and recension of TantrÈloka, a magnum opus by ¶cÈrya AbhinavaguptapÈda. The author himself created this digest to have a comprehensive study of the voluminous text, as this great and important text is not easy to absorb by everyone in a larger study material form. The complete text (10th century A.D.) is a compendium of all TÈntrika rituals and philosophical essence of Tantra, drawn from the light of all pre-precepts on Indian Tantra till the time of the creator. This text consists of thirty seven chapters. It reflects on Tantra from the background of Kashmir ƒaivism which is known as the monistic philosophy of ƒaivism with the technical term Pratyabhij¤È. Abhinavagupta explains here in a lucid way about the ways to worship the Supreme Consciousness in order to attain this state of Absolute ecstasy and liberation in one single life of mankind. This work is before the English-speaking world for the first time in a hermeneutic way.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR Gautam Chatterjee

Gautam Chatterjee, well-known writer, has a lineage of Pt. Ishvara Chandra Vidyasagar, with deep Sanskrit tradition and has been a close associate of Thakur Jaideve Singh. His two books (collection of plays), related to Kashmir Shaivism, have already been published. At present, working on the inter-influence of Indian Classical Music and Agam.


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