World Development Indicators: 2001

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This is the 5 edition of the World Development Indicators in its current format, the 24 since the World Bank began publishing a comprehensive set of development indicators. We believe that statistics matter. We also believe that by publishing objective information on the condition of the world and its people, we can contribute to better decisionmaking and hasten the achievement of our goals. With its focus on the international development goals in World view, the World Development Indiacators tries to capture the most important issues facing developing countries: the health, education, and welfare of people; sustainable use of natural resources and the reversal of environmental losses; economic growth and management of the economy’ the complementary roles of governments and the private sector; and the continuing integration with the world economy. Such statistics are a classic example of a "public good." They are costly to produce, but once produced they can and should be widely distributed and used. But as valuable as good statistics may be, the public agencies that produce them are often understaffed, underfunded, and poorly equipped. Improving the quality of statistics—and the quality of the decisions they support—requires building the capacity of statistical offices. How? Through investments in people and equipment and in the knowledge to sustain a consistent level and quality of statistical output.


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World Development Indicators: 2001
1st ed.