Spiritual Life and Liberation

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Indian School of Spirituality (Adhyatmavada) is the beacon light in this materialistic age. The Vedas are the foundation of al l orthodox Schools of Indian Spirituality. The School of Vedanta (Uttara Mimamsa), which is affiliated to the end portion of the Vedas, is now widely accepted by the spiritual seekers. There are three schools of Vedanta Viz., Davaita (Dualism), Vishista Dvaita (Qualified non-Dualism) and Adaita (Non-Dualism). Advaita is the culmination of all philosophy.

The goal of spiritual life is liberation of the soul. Spiritual life manifests the divinity of the soul in the mortal body. Liberation is possible only through purification of inner being and not through rational analysis of science. Spirituality is beyond the sense and therefore its approach is intuitive and not analytical.

This book deliberates on the precept and practice of spiritual life in the perspective of Vedanta philosophy. That soul, who has become desire less and fully enlightened through realization of Non-dual Brahman, is liberated in this very body.


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Spiritual Life and Liberation
1st. ed.
288p., 8.5 inch x 5.5 inch